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Organic Products


We carry a large selection of organic products in our salon. Here are a few of our favorites.



Infrared Hair Rebuilding Treatment

For Damaged, Weak, Brittle Hair

Don’t let repeated chemical treatments, hot tools and mechanical stress break your hair. Oway’s Rebuilding Series takes dull, porous, straggly strands out to lunch, and feeds them much needed proteins, olgioelements, water and fatty acids. This rebuilding method is the most innovative approach to hair repair with a method that acts on ALL needs of damaged hair, offering 8 benefits.

  1. Adds Strength
  2. Adds Shine
  3. Adds Elasticity
  4. Adds Hydration
  5. Remineralizes hair
  6. Internally repairs cuticle
  7. Adds body and structure
  8. Makes hair resistant to breakage



O&M Color System
O&M Color System

The Next Generation of Professional Ammonia-Free Color

O&M Color System

O&M CØR.color is the next generation in Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol-free professional hair color. We call it CØR because clean color is the core of our brand. The “Ø” at heart represents our unwavering commitment to making the cleanest hair color in the world by eliminating harsh chemicals.

CØR.color Benefits:

  • 102 Shades
  • Comfortably Achieves 1-4 Levels of Lift
  • 100% Flawless Grey Coverage
  • True 1 to 1.5 Cost-Effective Mixing Ratio
  • Molecular Blend Technology Reduces Scalp Irritation
  • Zero Ammonia For a Fume-Free Color Experience
  • Low Chemical Content Reduces Risks of Allergies
  • Hybrid Color Range For Semi & Permanent Results
  • Includes 9 Pre-mixed Pastel Toners
  • Contains Hydrating Desert Harvest Botanicals
  • Organic Signature Oils Nourishes the Hair & Scalp
  •  Activators Contain Restorative Rice Proteins & Oils
  • Free From Wheat, Gluten & Soy Ingredients
  • Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan by PETA



Smooth Rituals

Smooth Rituals isn’t just a non-toxic keratin smoothing treatment. It’s complete holistic hair restoration system with care products that work together to create soft, frizz-free hair that lasts 3-4 months. All without sacrificing the health and well-being of the hair stylist or client.

Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment
Smooth Rituals Awakening Shampoo

Before you begin your Smooth Ritual, you must have Clarity. This deep clarifying shampoo removes product buildup and impurities from the hair prior to your service. By starting with a clean canvas, the results of your keratin smoothing treatment will be the most effective.
paraben free / cruelty free

Our professional keratin treatment formula contains an exclusive alchemy of Keratin, Amino Acids and Jojoba Oil. These ingredients work in harmony to create smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair for 3-4 months.
formaldehyde free / methylene glycol free / paraben free / cruelty free

Our keratin treatment safe formula gently cleanses and revitalizes the hair and scalp. Sweet Chili Pepper Extract and L-Cysteine are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote healthy hair growth at the root.
sulfate free / paraben free / cruelty free

Formulated with a harmonious balance of hydration and strength to prolong the results of a Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment. This restorative conditioner seals and repairs the cuticle, while locking in shine with soothing Arnica Flower Extract and Nettle Leaf Extract.
sulfate free / paraben free / cruelty free


Hair Loss Treatment

Healthy Hair Takes Root at the Scalp


Whether you’re treating hair loss, excess sebum production, dandruff or psoriasis and sensitivity, there’s an effective botanical cure within our exclusive collection of organic scalp treatments.

In a 2011 study published in the Journal of the Dermatology, it has been found that women are more prone to hair loss during autumn. Many females enter the telogen phase in July and start to experience fall outs in October. This phenomenon, along with the gloomy and cooler weather that come with fall and winter, has an effect on women, triggering more clumps of hair to fall out.

Hair care treatments that contain hair stimulating properties like Buddleja Davidii help revitalize hair follicle cells, encouraging hair growth. The Oway Hair Loss Treatment uses this magical ingredient and combines it with Denisplant and Hair Spa Complex™ to restore the scalp’s delicate environment and prolong the hair’s anagen phase.


All the products we use in our salon are available for purchase.

Check them out at your next visit.


Why You Should Use Organic Hair Products

The world is changing and many of us are looking for more natural solutions. We’re becoming chemically conscious and are increasingly concerned about the amounts of harsh chemicals used in everyday cosmetics and haircare products. Pregnancy, illness and skin sensitivity has also led many consumers to seek out products with a lower chemical compound.

O&M is one of the first hair brands to produce professional grade ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free permanent hair color making it gentle on hair, scalp and hands. Here is a list of the top 3 most harmful chemicals found in hair product and why you should avoid them.

1. PPD – Paraphenylenediamine is a chemical substance that is widely and traditionally used as a permanent hair dye. People who are highly allergic to PPD have not been able to dye their hair with traditional hair color.

  • Known as a possible carcinogen
  • Allergies to PPD are common and reactions include dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face.
  • In some severe allergy cases the eyelids may completely close and can result in contact urticaria and anaphylaxis.

2. RESORCINOL – Used as a coloring agent and is also commonly found in topical acne treatments.

  • Suspected to be an endocrine toxicity hazard
  • Suspected to be a human immune system toxicant
  • Suspected to be toxic to wildlife and the environment

3. AMMONIA – A chemical that swells the hair cuticle so that color can be absorbed all the way through the hair.

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Many people become allergic due to exposure and suffer from itchy scalps and watery/red eyes while getting their hair colored.