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About Uniquely You Hair Salon

Each person is unique, while some may be looking for a practical, yet complementary style, others may be inclined to venture towards revamping their look. Each side of the scale requires a certain level of trust. I am aware of the subtle, yet important harmony created when listening and professional input find their perfect balance. When you are in my chair, I strive to offer you my undivided attention and ultimately to send you out with a smile that is wider than when you came.

Most recently a transition has carried me across the hall in Hair Network where I have launched, Uniquely You, an organic salon which offers products and services with your health and well being in mind. Ever since cancer made its unwelcome intrusion into my immediate family, I have felt compelled to support my convictions to work with hair products which are as safe and ecologically mindful as possible, while maintaining the quality and finished result that will bring a reassuring smile to your face.

About Tiama Connor

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for over twenty years. I began my career in Middlebury in 1989 where I became part of the team at Hair Network. In 1997, our family moved to a dairy farm in upstate New York where we lived for 13 years, until the winds of change brought us back to Vermont in 2011. Providence reconnected me with my longstanding friend and business associate, Valerie, at Hair Network, where I once again found myself employed, surrounded by familiar faces as though time stood still.

As a hair designer, I respect the fact that you have a vast array of options when it comes to choosing your personal stylist. My goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere and an attentive ear, complemented by just the right dose of advice to make your experience both beneficial and worthwhile.

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